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Consider Where the Magic Lives
We were trying to explain the magic of holiday lights to someone who just couldn’t get in the spirit. We tried the magnitude of Gardens Aglow and the
Listening to Stone Stories
Seems like this time of year is meant for taking walks. Savoring the December sunshine and the glistening woodland path…
Under The Same Moon
David Hinton, a Vermont-based Guggenheim winner and scholar of ancient Chinese poetry, observes that the pictograph for “friends” in those poems is a
Spruce Point Inn Earns 4th Consecutive Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award
Boothbay Harbor, Maine (October 22, 2019) Condé Nast Traveler has announced that Spruce Point Inn is among the winners of its…
The sixth sense, built on sense of place
‘When in the course of human events,” a elemental force greater than ourselves tries to wipe clean the slate of…
Plucking the Golden Apples of the Sun
Looking out from the coast of Maine, it’s hard not to see September as a slowing down. As a sort…
Grow Gold Along with Me, The Best Is Yet to Be
Around here, we look at the couple of weeks framing Labor Day as time for taking stock before a new…
Mists of August
August is a molasses month, sticky, sweet, slow-pouring – and maybe not to everyone’s taste. Yet all those attributes are…
Link to the Lullabies & Moonstruck Luna-Tics
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon, we’re all yearning for connections to that epochal moment. Here…
There’s no ‘r’ in Maine, either
Tradition had it that oysters were to be consumed only in months with an ‘r’ in the name. Such was…
Mapping Coordinates that Mean Something
History in places like Boothbay is what surrounds us with floor boards worn smooth by centuries of footsteps, by vistas…
Bringing out Boothbay, to not just Look but really See
We read about a frequent visitor to the Harvard Art Museums who for more than 30 years has made the…
Holding Our Best-Loved Places in Trust
The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced its 2019 list of the “11 Most Endangered Historic Places” this week. Fortunately,…
In a Flash of Iridescent Feathers, We Say ‘Welcome Home’
We’ve been waiting for the news. Each year, it seems, as we prepare to open Spruce Point Inn for the…
Fill Up Your Senses
We heard an interview with Natalie Meling the other day, talking about her new album “Titanic Rising.” One comment stayed…
Tracing Yankee Roots & Seafarers’ Stars
As spring comes to the woodlands of Spruce Point Inn we notice greenings where the woodland path just days ago…
Time to Earn “Best Of” in Personal Travelogues
As Bing Crosby observed in White Christmas, “It can feel kind of shaky up there on a bleached charger.” And…
Once Upon a Time, in the Secret Season of Maine
“Once upon a time” are four words that promise the unfolding of a wondrous landscape. Secrets revealed. Magic charmed from…
To Everything a Season: Turning Toward Spring
Sunday marks the return to Daylight Savings Time and that got us thinking about transitions. Already the day has extended…
Heart of the Matter — Another Valentine to Boothbay
Seems like the list of suitors keeps growing. Adding to Down East magazine “Best of Maine” honors for “best harbor,”…
A Word for Blue
Is it true the Greeks had no word for ‘blue’? It’s a question that keeps resurfacing. Same as “Do the…
Innovation, Authenticity & Quality – Made in Maine
One of the best parts of this time of year is having (a little) time to catch up on our…