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Fill Up Your Senses

Fill Up Your Senses

We heard an interview with Natalie Meling the other day, talking about her new album “Titanic Rising.” One comment stayed with us: she talked about “chasing the empties” and how her memory of a friend inspired “Picture Me Better”. How lots of the stressors in the world create “the empties” that just won’t go away.

That made us remember a talk at a hospitality sales conference many years ago. “The Stress Doctor” had one simple suggestion: find a moment in your memory or on an upcoming day when everything seems perfect. Absorb the sun on your face, or the wind, or the snowflakes; and take in every detail so you can go back to that place in your mind whenever you need to hit the ‘pause’ button. To chase the “empties.”

Thinking more about it, our brain (the universal DJ) cued up John Denver: “You fill up my senses…” And that’s exactly where “chasing the empties” meets “oceanside memories made in Maine.”

Spruce Point Inn wants to be your happy place. The moment you go back to when you need to check your balance. Recalling the way the sunset turns the front porch into liquid gold. The stillness of a pastel sunrise over the bay when you took a walk down Grandview Avenue before dawn, and the scent of the wild roses rose to greet you as a robin’s warble sent ripples through the quiet air.

Here at the resort, ‘night in the forest” tips the spruces with stars that Chesley Bonestell painted into the dreams of astronauts. “A walk in the rain” wraps you in grey mist, the scent of sea and shore mixed in what the Irish call “soft” weather – the damp turning grass to green and dappling the herbs in the kitchen garden with drops so much fresher than a market mister could ever dream of.

Craft a perfect memory by filling your senses with a day on the water, watching the sails of the Sarah Mead turn every shade of white as they shape the wind, listening to the bow wave and the jingle of the rigging, feeling the weather-beaten strength of tiller and lobster trap in Captain Nate’s handshake, smelling the ocean on the sea breeze (and in the steam rising from the crimson lobster you’ll crack into later.)

Spruce Point Inn can fill your senses in any way you please: a deep massage in the tranquil Zen garden of the spa,  an aged whiskey at the bar in Bogie’s, a shady nap on the screened porch in your cottage, or the mesmerizing dance of the flames in the firepit as the evening slips to night.

“Chasing the empties” requires filling your senses with stores to fall back on. But to have them, first you must gather them. And that’s what choosing Spruce Point Inn for creating “oceanside memories made in Maine” is all about.


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