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Heart of the Matter — Another Valentine to Boothbay

Heart of the Matter — Another Valentine to Boothbay

Seems like the list of suitors keeps growing. Adding to Down East magazine “Best of Maine” honors for “best harbor,” “best land trust” (Boothbay Region Land Trust), “best golf course” (Boothbay Harbor Country Club) [and “best hotel” – Spruce Point Inn!], we have a “Best Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights” nod to Coastal Maine Botanical Garden from 10Best.com. And one of our favorites – a note from Yankee Magazine that Boothbay is one of the “5 best alternative coastal towns in New England.”

As the writer, Kim Knox Beckius said, “Have your favorite New England coastal towns been discovered by too many other ocean lovers? If so, consider escaping to one of these equally alluring under-the-radar spots… You may never go back to a big-name seaside town again.”

And that idea gets to the heart of this Valentine – that many of the things we love about Boothbay are hidden treasures. Like the ‘secret season’ of June as the coastline emerges from soft mists. And the oysterman who’s willing to take guests out to enjoy the harvest right on the boat. Burnt Island Lighthouse as dawn light turns it rosy. Crimson sunsets and a dazzling display of stars, far away from city lights.

All those things are “oceanside memories made in Maine” and the reasons that so many of us – guests and year-rounders alike — keep coming back here, to the place where the fondest moments live. The point is, though, that we love to share the discoveries with all who appreciate the same sorts of things. And whether our guests are along on a ‘first date’ or have been happily married to this destination for a lifetime, the more delights we discover, and times we share, the stronger the attraction. The more we hold on to the well-worn tread of associations, like the sound of familiar footsteps on the stairs.

All of us see it in returning guests; and know ‘the look’ on the face of those who will be back. We even, sometimes, get to see “a set of Midcoast eyes” be born as a traveler takes in the full moon rising over the bay, or tastes a basil leaf fresh off the vine with a tomato warm from our garden, or leans against the rail aboard Bright Line, with an ocean breeze in her hair.

See, the truth is, we all know how to conjure those magic moments. We all know the spells and incantations that can turn one weekend into a lifetime of joy. And what more could we ask of a Valentine, whatever the season?

Here’s to you, Boothbay. With all our love.


Photo by David Marx.


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