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Mists of August

Mists of August

August is a molasses month, sticky, sweet, slow-pouring – and maybe not to everyone’s taste. Yet all those attributes are great motivations to escape. And from time immemorial, the coast of Maine has beckoned, with sea breezes drawn in by the rising heat of the land, and starry nights worth lingering under, the fireworks and fireflies of July replaced by a show of shooting stars.

It’s a languid month in the Northern Hemisphere. A time made magic by festivals crafted to celebrate the social season or the haying, a time to be outside and savoring the moment. And, from blueberries  to art galleries, August offers the best of Maine, arrayed to ensure you find the perfect “oceanside memory made in Maine” that can follow you home.

It’s a time to welcome the morning as the mists rise from the meadows and the silver sea. Start a trip in the cool of daybreak and you pass through a gauzy light as the summer sun takes the sparkling dew into the air. Here at Spruce Point and all along the Midcoast waterfronts, the day slowly raises a veil from the shore, revealing the sea, the spruces and the sailboats grazing at their moorings like so many contented horses, storing up the energy to run before the afternoon breeze.

For the state whose capital is “Augusta,” the eighth month of the year is prime time – warm days, refreshing ocean temperatures, freshly fished, farmed and harvested treasures for the plate or the picnic and a banquet of things to do and see Inspiration from which memories take form. But only if you take your place along the shore to conjure them for yourself from the mists of August.

[David Marx image from his Spruce Point Inn Photography Workshop.]


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