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Rituals Have Reasons

This May seems to be living up to its name. It may be spring, but the recent snowstorms made that hard to believe. It may be coming onto summer, but so many uncertainties remain about what that will bring. And it may be Memorial Day on Monday, but the usual commemorations, the parades, the wreath-layings, the playings of “Taps” in small town cemeteries are all cancelled. The American Legion has converted the observance into a national honor roll, asking Legion families and others who wish to remember fallen soldiers to add their names to national social media posts

Aside from being holidays that help us mark the seasons and the places that are parts of our family geographies (where were you when you marched as a scout in your first Memorial Day parade?), occasions like Memorial Day, Graduation and early summer weddings are the threads that weave the fabled fabric of our lives. They knit us together. They hold us and shelter us within the bonds of familiarity. Rituals have reasons.

Here at Spruce Point Inn, it will seem odd to be celebrating Memorial Day without our usual guests. We will still put out the flag and decorate the hanging baskets with red geraniums. We may take some flowers to the Soldiers Monument out at the circle where you come into town. Fellow townspeople may revive the old tradition of Decoration Day, when women North and South began taking flowers from their May gardens to the graves of their husbands, son, brothers and friends. That will make us feel better, reset our bearings, as we do when looking up at the stars to find familiar constellations.

That’s what “oceanside memories made in Maine” are intended for. If your visit to the resort is postponed, you have memories of the best times to draw from. You can walk down Grandview Avenue to watch the sunrise and smell the wild roses, in your head. You can savor sweet, roasted day boat scallops, just crisped at their edges while the sunset makes your glass of wine seem to glow from within. You can stand on our dock as the Atlantic breeze fills the sail of Boothbay Harbor and carries the brilliant blue of a summer sky down the bay.

There is no doubt. You will return to Spruce Point Inn. And all the traditions you remember, as well as some new ones, will be waiting. The rituals and the reasons, right where you left them. We can’t wait to welcome you back.

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