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January Thaw Means the Best is Yet to Come

A couple of days of unseasonably warm weather here in Maine have brought out all sorts of emotions. On the one hand we spend as much of the day outside (nice of the January thaw to arrive on a weekend) as we can. We use the excuse of checking whether any of the tarps or shutters have come loose in the stiff breeze caused by the change in the temperature gradient. We use the time to take down the holiday decorations, now that we can again reach the branches and electrical outlets that just a week ago were deep in snow. But our work is interrupted by the constant urge to turn our faces to the sun, especially in those sheltered corners where the southwest breath of spring meets up with a cozy reflective surface. Nature’s own ‘tanning bed’ (and as close as you’ll ever get to that artifact, here at Spruce Point Inn!)

Yet like the North wind in Chocolat that whispers that change might be in the air, the almanacs remind us that the January thaw – like “Indian Summer” – is a real weather phenomenon, usually arriving right around the statistically-coldest day of the year, January 23. That date happens to be almost exactly six months from the statistically-hottest day of the year, July 24. And for us at the resort, that means that we are actively engaged in preparing the welcome, curating the “oceanside memories made in Maine” to be ready for your arrival.

In just six months, the silent, closed-up cottages dozing in the sun will be wide open to the vibrant hum of summer in full swing. The sound of laughing, splashing children and the clink of rigging and Bright Line motoring down the bay will fill the air. And the hot, sunshiny days of July, the Fourth’s exuberance and vacation-mode will take advantage of longer hours of daylight that winter still deprives us of now.

In less time than that – as the constant thrum of reservations on the books reminds us – Spruce Point Inn will awaken with the same unfolding beauty as the spring this sudden warmth suggests. Days like this bring our expectations and anticipation alive. They make us want to get on with the never-ending plans for burnishing the legacy that is Spruce Point with a hundred blossoming ideas.

The gift of this precious respite from the cold that is January in the northern latitudes makes us ready to move forward into the new year, with a whole month of romance beckoning on February’s horizon, timed exactly to turn those holiday engagements into wedding plans. Before you know it, the aberration of the January thaw will be the honest southwest wind of March, arriving with lions for the start of Daylight Savings Time on the 8th, and departing with the lambs following the Spring Equinox on the 21st. Then the countdown to opening day in May will be on, in earnest.

Hints of change in the human seasons closely align with the weather here on the Midcoast. As Yankees, we have weathered both, for the better, and know – especially from the perspective of January – that the best is yet to come.


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