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The Family Traditions of Where You Are

So many of us define who we are by what we are. Doctors, lobstermen, moms, sons, bankers, soldiers, artists, innkeepers – a parade of skills like the one of tradesmen in 1902 and maybe inspiration for a virtual celebration of Maine 200th?

In some cases, what we are defines who we are for a set moment: a bride, birthday girl or college roommate gathered for a reunion. Some ‘whats’ we grow out of; though we’re reminded that being a parent – like a Marine – is for ‘always.’

Here at Spruce Point Inn we thrive on celebrating those moments with you, on curating experiences that forever link us to your role as wedding, anniversary or reunion celebrant.

But there are other “whos” that we are. The whos that are defined by where we are. High profile ‘wheres’ become the stuff of monuments, the places like Gettysburg, where, as Maine’s Joshua Chamberlain put it, “something abides.”

The same is true for our personal moments, the places where “oceanside memories made in Maine” were etched in our own histories.

Spruce Point Inn is intentionally the sort of place where you discover the who you are from where you are. It’s the impact of delight, of coming in contact with a universe that was there all along – waves setting beach stones to whispering, dawn turning Burnt Island Light rosy, stars sparkling in the dark sky. And it’s the who you become because of where you are: the “forest bather” on woodland paths, the teacher of boatcraft on a trip aboard Bright Line, the storyteller by the fire, the host to an extended family gathered around one table for one moment every year.

Because that ‘who’ is created by ‘where,’ this place becomes central to the cultivation of traditions and collective memory that uniquely define your family and circle of friends. Nearly sacred, that’s why anticipation is fulfilled each time you relive those moments here, reaffirming ‘who you are,’ even as your repeated tread shapes the steps into something a little different than the way you first found them.

Not only does Spruce Point offer a safe harbor for those family traditions, it helps you share your “who crafted from where” by giving new members of your circle a tangible way to learn about your life (and each other’s), as they interact with things you’ve done here in Boothbay.

Historians talk about “the power that physical places have in shaping cultural memory” and they apply that to how generations learn from each other in sharing the stories mapped in family geography.

We know that Spruce Point Inn is mapped in many of your family geographies. We look forward to welcoming you back to that ‘where you are’ and to the traditions that, like the steps, shaped the ‘who’ along the path.


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