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Maine will be waiting: safe, soothing and serene

In this, Maine’s bicentennial year, there is so much to learn from our history, to relish from our open spaces and our rocky coast, to discover in our shops, galleries and restaurants.

But as the current health emergency has us all turned inward, advised against crowds and expansive celebrations (the 200th birthday bash was even postponed), there is time to think about what the icons of Maine have come to represent.

It’s a time to close one’s eyes and run that “reel” of “oceanside memories, made in Maine” in our heads. For even though we can’t gather around a lobster bake, steam rising, we can savor the remembered taste: a rich madeleine redolent of seas that Proust had no knowledge of.

We can ride bicycles down peaceful lanes, or drive the backroads where impulse might bring us to stop at an antique shop or farmstand. Or simply to gaze at the ocean. All these things will be here when the world rights on its axis and the welcome mat at Spruce Point Inn is out again.

There is reason that the lighthouse stands as a talisman of Maine’s character, for the first lights were built in the 1700s to protect Maine’s mariners from hidden granite ledges. (Look over a navigation chart of the New England coast  sometime and count how many times the name, “The Ledges,” appears). They were beacons against the dark in a brave and often scary New World. They remain today as guardians – both for the dawnland and for the nation – to remember we have survived past rough patches, we are resilient, we will find safe passage back to where we started from on this journey.

Some day, like the Mainers of centuries past – and all our ancestors – we will look back on this time and say “we were there; we made it through.” And Boothbay – all of Maine – will be waiting. Lobsters, lighthouses and all that’s good, true, and authentic. Safe, soothing and serene.


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