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Making Happy Campers, One Summer Day at a Time

Summer camp. One of the shimmering illusions of American childhood, if the magazine covers and travel page ads popping up like dandelions have us believe. Arm in arm, around the campfire. Swinging from an inner tube out into a mountain lake. Gazing at the stars.

As Summer Camp planning season is in full swing, we’re thinking about how like the camp ideal Spruce Point Inn can be… And how we’re a “summer camp for grownups” once you’ve delivered the children to their sleep-away destinations along the Maine coast, a short drive from here. 

Here at Spruce Point, we conjure up the perfect memories of summer camp to make your stay: the s’mores around the fire, the camp craft and Native lore along the Wabanaki Trail, the sound of splash and laughter, sails and kayaks. And the deep woods smell of sun-warmed spruces. None of the downsides that are only good for stories later – just the ocean breeze and the swimming pools, the bicycles and the wading discoveries along the shore. Fabulous food, from kitchen garden herbs and wild blueberries to glistening Damariscotta oysters, straight from the boat. 

It’s a place for children, too. Either the ones too young yet for camp, or the ones you yearn to spend more time with. Lighthouse Camp offers the independence and discovery for kids ages 5 to 12 – with Mom and Dad waiting at the end of the day to share “oceanside memories made in Maine” over supper.

The chance to meet new friends (or reconnect with the old – maybe a reunion from those days at camp?). And, always, the stars.

Look up. Make a wish. Summer will be here before you know it!


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