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The True, the Trusted, the Authentic Traditions of Romance

The wedding coordinator here at Spruce Point Inn tells wedding bells are in the air – at least that’s the sound her office phone and mobile have been making ever since the New Year started. Not surprisingly, all the visions of romantic trysts among the snowflakes, proposals in a wintry garden and visions of halls decked with flower garlands instead of holly and ivy, have produced engagements. Turns out 40 percent of all engagements take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. And all those rings have turned to ring-tones as couples start down the wedding planning path.

Spruce Point has a long resume of accolades from the newly-married and the skilled professional ‘wedding hands’ – from photographers to media (Martha Stewart Weddings, HereComestheGuide, Wedding Wire, and The Knot). But it’s not just the experience and professionalism or the fact that we book only one wedding per day,  to ensure wedding parties and their guests have the place to themselves.

Weddings at Spruce Point are all about tradition – our own storied histories and the traditions held dear by our guests.

Think “Maine wedding” and you’ll undoubtedly envision ocean waterfront and towering pines. A mix of elegance and rustication (think barn wedding – in a 100 year old Yankee-craftsman’s space). You might think “lobster bake” for the rehearsal dinner and arriving by sail, or classic wooden launch , ties and dresses aflutter in the cool, seabreeze.

All that is certainly true of Spruce Point as a simple google image search will show.

But behind each picture is the story of the affianced; and in the frames of these historic walls, the timbers of the weathered dock and even the timeless rocks of our slice of the Midcoast are the invisible marks of their footsteps. Footsteps in the sands of time.

Just as scientists are finding the traces of history in the DNA left on parchment documents or on Leonardo da Vinci’s canvases  layers of paint, there may come a time when a place like Spruce Point – and its paths and floors worn smooth by centuries (even millennia) of loving steps – will give up the tales of those who were here, just as surely as wax, vinyl and digitized audio tracks give up what they’ve recorded.

And though that future listener may have now-unimaginable ways of decoding the impressions left on our physical spaces, we are confident that Spruce Point will yield the true, the authentic and the trusted traditions that we shared while curating wedding “oceanside memories made in Maine.”

And the love.


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