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The Unofficial Kickoff to Summer in Boothbay Harbor: Windjammer Days

The Unofficial Kickoff to Summer in Boothbay Harbor: Windjammer Days 

What is a Windjammer you ask? They’re fast, towering, sailing ships that dominated coastal trade in until the dawn of the steam engine towards the end of the 19th century. For generations, these ships represented the industrious spirit of Mainers as they plied coastwise trade routes south to Boston and north to Canada, shipping commodities like lumber from Machais and Granite from Penobscot Bay islands. These ships were the fastest merchant vessels in the world. Their speed can be credited to the ingenious yankee sailors who designed their hulls and rigging to shaved valuable time off shipping good from port to market. The steam engine and then the diesel engine was the end of the glorious age of sail, but their elegant legacy lives on account the world, especially here in New England where so many of them were designed and built.  

Here in Boothbay Harbor, we celebrate the legacy of these beautiful ships each June as an unofficial kickoff to the summer season. Square and topsail riggers, schooners of all shapes and sizes gather each June for seven days of sailing, dining, parades, and entertainment for all. Visitors from all over flock to Boothbay Harbor to take part in the fun and to get a close-up look at the majestic ships that once ruled the seas in mid-coast Maine and beyond.  

Ships of all shapes and sizes cruise the harbor during Windjammer days, and one of the best vantage points to sit and watch the activity on the water is right here at Spruce Point Inn (perhaps we’re a bit biased..). For a seat with a particularly good view, we recommend lunch on the Grandview Deck or a cocktail in the chairs on our front lawn. Because it’s such a popular weekend in Boothbay Harbor, hotels rooms sell quickly and restaurant reservations book up fast so don’t wait until the last minute to plan your Windjammer Days!