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In the footsteps of the Abenaki, in the season of the Strawberry Moon

Maine ResortWalk the woodland path that leads off behind Linekin and you’re stepping into the moccasins of the Abenaki who made these woods their seasonal home during the summer fishing season. Our Abenaki Trail honors their culture and the heritage of their descendants, the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot, who still live along Maine’s coast.

“Daddy, this is the place!”

Maine Wedding VenueIt is one of the joys of being an innkeeper that we share the unforgettable best moments of people’s lives. The first time a child puts a toe in the water. The first firefly. The first boat ride. The song that played the first summer you fell in love. The lobster. The lighthouse. 

That’s why we’re so passionate about helping create those “Oceanside memories made in Maine.”

Paws and Pillows for your Pets

Maine Pet Friendly ResortWe are convinced that our four-legged friends operate some sort of TripAdvisor for their pals, a “Twilight Bark Planet” guidebook that tells them where their human companions should take them for the perfect playdate. We know that such a thing exists because so many guests arrive with furry heads popping out of the car window as they come up Grand Avenue.  It certainly helps that many travel writers have brought their dogs and that the grrry-grapevine has carried the news that Spruce Point Inn is pet-friendly to the Dog Lovers Guides and travel sites.

Memorial Day Memories

Maine Family ResortIn 2013, in the middle of the national remembrance of America’s Civil War, it is right to remember that the national holiday of Memorial Day was created as “Decoration Day” – a day to decorate the graves of the fallen and to come together to remember their sacrifice for their beliefs.

Coming as it does at the end of May, Memorial Day has also become the unofficial start to the summer season. Though Spring is definitely still in full-bloom in Boothbay this Memorial Day, we know Summer is even closer than the June 21st solstice – because we’re open and welcoming our first 2013 guests.

It’s all in how the details fit together

Maine Family ResortWhat does folding napkins have to do with maintenance engineering? Though it was undoubtedly the first time he had ever folded a napkin in the shape of a lily pad, Steve Fife was game to find out. 

Celebrating National Garden Day, May 10

Maine Family ResortAll of us at Spruce Point Inn care as much, possibly more, about the exterior of the Inn as we do about the interiors. With a spot like Spruce Point, can you blame us – or our guests – for taking every possible advantage of the beauty that surrounds us?

While Mother Nature has done her part to create the spruce-filled landscape, we accent her framework with landscaping details such as the deep bed of lilies that surrounds entrance to Bogies. We’ve focused on new plantings in the Lighthouse, Linekin and Spruce Cottage surroundings for 2013 and added a new butterfly/hummingbird garden. Now we’re just waiting for the birds, bees and butterflies to give us their approval.

The origins of the iconic “Adirondack” chair

Maine Family ResortYou’ve seen them on postcards and posters. And you’ve enjoyed them on our front porch. The iconic slat-back wood chair, positioned to take best advantage of the view. The “Adirondack chair” is the ultimate symbol of kicking back, relaxing and melding into vacation mode. 

For the next time you stretch out on our verandah, we thought we’d give you the Official History of the Westport Chair, considered THE original Adirondack Chair.

How Spruce Point Stays Green

Maine ResortWith Earth Day on our minds and with our seasonal opening on the horizon, we thought you’d be interested in knowing a few details on how Spruce Point stays green:

Lighter Footprint Housekeeping

We started our water conservation program in 2012 and now have about 20 percent of our guests choosing the option of having their room linens changed less frequently. A small wood buoy hung on the doorknob signals housekeeping they are participating in the program. 

Keeping the “green” in Spruce Point

We celebrate the upcoming 43rd anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 with a reaffirmation of our commitment at Spruce Point Inn to environmental stewardship.

Spruce Point covers 57 acres of woods and waterfront, making our impact on the Maine coastal environment, and active conservation and protection of those beautiful places, a critical part of our responsibility as innkeepers. We love to introduce our guests to the natural environment of Maine and each time someone comments on our incredible location we are rededicated to ensuring Spruce Point remains a legacy for future generations – for all of us who live on the planet. We know that what we do at Spruce Point affects our corner of the coast, the land that surrounds us and the ocean beyond.

“Farm to Table,” Yes!


Executive Chef Peter Stiles is meeting with local farmers and planning menu updates. Some say that “farm to table” is passé. That it’s another food fad, so “yesterday” that chefs who still talk about “eat local” are not keeping up with the latest news. We say “hogwash” and cheer when James Beard Award-winning chef Chris Hastings, stands up on CNN’s Eatocracy blog to say he fears for the day that farm-to-table stops being the foundation for everything we do.


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