Things to do in the Golden Season: September & October in Boothbay Harbor

Published on September 26, 2022

Fall in Love with the Golden Season on the Maine Coast

It’s funny the way our mind plays tricks on us. On cue each September, the inevitable pang of sadness arrives each year with the end of summer. But then, just as the music seems like it’s about to stop, it doesn’t. The sunsets, the bluebird days, the warm afternoons and the evening chill keep Boothbay Harbor alive as the golden season on the Maine coast comes to life in September and October each year. It feels like a secret, shared by those who know and those you see on the sidewalks and the trails around the midcoast.

Your autumn senses first start to tingle on the drive to Boothbay Harbor. With each mile that passes the colors along the highways and interstate change from green to brilliant oranges and reds. Through the small Route 1 towns, across the rivers, and down peninsulas on your way to Boothbay Harbor the sights and scenes will put you into a Maine mood.

Throughout September and October, there are plenty of things to do and plenty of space to enjoy Boothbay Harbor’s sidewalks, restaurants, and attractions as the summer crowds wane. There’s lots happening too. There’s Fall Foliage Festival, Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta, Harvest Festival in October, concerts at the Boothbay Opera House, and more.

Fall in Boothbay Harbor is filled with seasonal flavors too. From harvest flavors at the Thursday morning Farmers Market, to something gourmet at Whiteclover, there’s a lot of seasonal flavor to enjoy on the coast.

At Spruce Point Inn, fall means s’mores around the firepit, warm drinks on the front porch, hearty lunches at The Salty Stag, foliage-filled walks in the woods, and (of course) spectacular sunsets. After a day of browsing downtown shops and galleries, or an afternoon at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, settling down to watch a famous Spruce Point Inn sunset is just about the best way to cap off an autumn day.


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