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S'mores: The Perfect End, to a Perfect Day 

Inn-siders know there are fire rituals at Spruce Point Inn: s’mores parties where kids and grownups (who can tell the difference at a s’mores party?) gather in the shared familiarity of a tribe that’s having fun. 

First, there is the crafting of the fire itself, calling to mind millennia of those who were here before us in these woods, drawn by the light and warmth of a human-made flame. The sight of the fire and the alluring scent of woodsmoke signaled that the time had come to gather, to tell stories and to offer wishes to the spirits.

Here around the firepit at Spruce Point we make s’mores a ritual celebration of our days together, offering a wish to the Salty Stag on a dream-paper tossed to the fire and carried outward to the forest on its smoke. And then we turn to the science of the perfect s’more: the Marshmology of marshmallows, plus the ideal melting chocolate, and the perfect graham cracker that provide a solid foundation for assembly – and of course the just-right sticks for the toasting.

Please visit our calendar of events by clicking here to see when Marshmology will be available.