Introducing the SPI Cup… 

An inaugural Windjammer Days Model Yacht Regatta on the waterfront at Spruce Point Inn, June 23rd 2024.

Raceday Schedule

Sunday June 23, 2024*

  • Several small, numbered sailboats float close together in the water, likely in a competitive event.


    The Windjammer Days SPI Cup regatta features 24 skippers racing DragonForce 95 R/C sailboats. These radio-controlled sailboats harness the power of the wind the same way a full-scale sailboat does. With radio-controlled winches and rudders, skippers trim their sails of their model yacht from the shore to navigate in the breeze on racecourses in ponds and harbors throughout New England and around the world. All the same principals of sailing apply to model yachts, and the racing follows most of the same rules found in full-scale racing.

  • A person is sitting in a small wooden boat on the water, holding a model sailboat which is also in the boat.


    MMYC, which is registered with the American Model Yachting Association as Club #396, was created to promote the designing, building, sailing, and racing of model yachts, both sail and power. The Club strongly encourages good sportsmanship and fair play, and seeks to develop members’ skills and understanding of the sport. Many of MMYC’s members are themselves former or current racers of full-scale sailboats too.

  • A group of people in vintage clothing gather around the edge of a pond to sail model boats.


    Since the advent of the modern schooner rigging, hobbyists have tinkered with rigged scale model sailboats in ponds, bays, and harbors around the world. The earliest iteration of the hobby required the skipper to adjust course and sail trim with a long cane standing on the shore or in the bow of a rowboat. The development of radio-control and plastic technology in the middle of the 20th transformed the sport into what we know today, giving skippers the opportunity to create greater precision and speed and more exciting competition. Today there are more than 30 classes of model racing yachts and hundreds of model yacht clubs across America alone.

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