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A Commitment to the Perfectly Imperfect

Arriving here is a shared experience that bridges generations. Imagine it: Victorian summer seekers stepping off steamboats in the 19th century, over a hundred years of guests beckoned by the rustic taste of coastal Maine leisure. Within the walls of our historic buildings, summer memories have played out for decades. Maintaining that spirit and authentic character is one of the joys and honors of being the stewards of such a special place. We invite you to acquaint yourself with some of the quirks, qualities, and charms that transcend generations of visitors to our historic resort.  

Cottages with floorboards that creak, three flights from the lobby to the top floor of the inn (oh, but the view..), tiny cottage bathrooms - we relish the perfectly imperfect moments of this historic resort and celebrate the way they connect us to the charmed elegance of good old-fashioned coastal Maine living.  

Historic character and moments together in its midst are reasons why generations of inn-siders cherish their time here. To prep you for your arrival at our piney peninsula, we’ve jotted down a few things that make Spruce Point Inn so perfectly imperfect:

If the walls could speak...

they’d have a century’s worth of gossip to tell. But they can’t, so our buildings speak their history in different ways: maybe your walls aren’t quite parallel, or you may come across a ‘duck or bump’ doorway under an eave, did we mention the stairs are the only way up at the Inn? These little quirks are part of irreplaceable charm of our beloved old buildings. The simplicity they evoke and the way they’re always reminding us to slow down, put today into perspective, and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life by the sea.

We don’t need our own TV in every room… 

and you likely won’t want one up here either. So while you may not find a TV in every bedroom of your cottage, the real made for TV moments happen down by the dock, the restaurant, and the service line on the tennis court. Intimate movie nights only require one TV anyways.

Nature is your neighbor… 

Part of what makes our setting so special is sharing it closely with nature; you might wake up to a frog on your front step or pursue a housefly across your cottage with a swatter. We don’t expect you to be Steve Irwin, but we tend to be the kind of place where you can leave your windows open and blur the lines between inside and out.

We invite you to come experience this incredibly charming, special place for yourself… and find out why so many people fall in love with it.